Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Scene in Kampung Johor Lama

The house is so cute, make me feel like staying in a fairy land.
 Here is Bob's Homestay Resort in Kota Tinggi, Johor.
This cute squirrel just appeared in front of me when I reached^^
It surprises me 
Seaside view =)
The atmosphere is quite nice =) 
But the mosquitoes are quite annoying, must beware of that.
First time seeing this little creature in my real life, it's so energetic!
 Seriously, I prefer my real hair rather than wig...
Because wig makes my hair feels the pressure and my wig is totally messy!
I don't know how to keep it looks great > <

I miss my long hair frankly...
^ ^
  I will become salted fish if I keeping this pose and sleep here. LOL

Kampung Johor Lama is really peaceful =)
On the way back...
Satisfaction gains from the foods and the beautiful scene that I saw today.
Relax Mood has been switched ON.

❤ Cheers 

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