Friday, February 18, 2011

Sanctum 3D

Went out for movie...
It was The Sanctum in 3D.
A movie from a true story.
After watched it, I felt very down.
The movie actually not bad.
Perhaps the 3D effect that can let me emotionally involved in the story.
Seeing people died one by one in the cave.
For me, it was really a sad story.
Why don't the director modify the story line to leave the father be alive huh?
Just realized that you'll probably get no idea what I'm talking about > <


I just get to know this....
Today is the last day of the exhibition of Mandarin books in UTAR
(from some book store I think)
Got 30% discount of the original price.
So it may worth for you, if you like.

These are the last book that I just get.
They seem like interesting and that's why I buy =)

Have a nice day ya^^

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