Monday, March 14, 2011


Yesterday was another happy day that I spent with those adorable and smart kids^^
Feeling like more LOVE them follows with the frequent visits.
They are really sweet and simple even though that most of them had different stories of their background.
Coz all they need is just the LOVE.
And fyi, we are LOVE TEAM ;-)
So what we usually did is loving them besides guiding them.
They very appreciate whoever contribute the love to them.
As such, a simple smiling.
For them, it's really mean and show a lot of caring.
Then, they'll just keep on smile with you for whole day long.
So, do not look down to your smiling ya =)
That's really an awesome outcome for them when they have changed to improve on whatever they did.
Do praise them or even celebrate for that.
This shows that they did a big step to approach to their goal.

My beautiful girl friends^^

Adorable =)

Again, she's very manja one^^

Wish ya have a good day^^

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