Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sentul Charity Talent Time 2011

From this tag, I'm sure that you already know what is this about.
This was the charity event that we did on 10 April 2011 (Sunday).
It was also an outcome for all of us to show that what we had done along our internship over 3 and half months.
What we did and worked with those children basically was divided into 3 parts.
1st was giving them self motivation, inspiring, as well as goal setting. This is more about life skills.
2nd was the IT skills. Some of the kids even don't know how to type. People in current era should be good in using technology like computer.
The last was community service project as our theme for this batch was talent time to show out the talent of children.
This event was a place for them to change the perception of people around them.
They showed up their truly passion towards dancing as well as singing through the performance.

We were starting from nothing, and yet we managed to find a lot people who willing to help and sponsor.
All contributions that they provided were very precious especially for the kids.
The children practised the every step of dance by themselves.
I was so proud of them.
They really did a great job.
I was very touched when I saw their happiness and joyful at the moment through all the night.
Here were them while waiting for the open ceremony.
So adorable^^

I was their make up artist as the back stage job ^///^
All of them became so shy and quiet when doing the make up.

Lion dance as the open ceremony.
It was really huge with the equipments as you can see in the picture below.

Thanks to them as the helpers on that night.
They were also the people from the company which sponsor all the schooling bags, pencil boxes and towels to the kids.
They are very kind and good in attitude =)

Show time...


Sharmini also got high and danced in front down of the stage.

There were around 72 lovely children on the stage.

Here is Sentul kids.

I love them a lot!


A lot people cried at the end including me >_<

And here is the time to say Goodbye to the audiences.
But this is not the end for us.
I believe that all of us will be carrying on our journey together no matter how the form is looked like in the future.
All I wanna say is
I Love You!
to the people who I met in my life

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