Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheese noodle recipe

How do you eat your instant noodle? Do you have any noodle recipe to share?
I guess it is really popular among college students and it is good to satisfy the hunger fast.
And it taste so good when you cook it with egg! Agree?

Here is another noodle recipe that you might like.

It tastes really great for me!
3 simple steps to make it ^^

First: I will choose the Cintan Curry Flavour. You can choose other brand that you like most too.
Boil the noodle in a pot with water for around 3 minutes.
(Better way of cook instant noodle should throw away the water which contains wax first, and then put the noodle into another hot boiling water. Make healthy living a habit^^)

Second: Put a slice of cheese over the instant noodle.
You will start to notice the cheese melting =)

Third: Put in some Kimbali Chili Sauce and mix well with the noodle!
Enjoy the delicious cheese instant noodle now.

Some of you might already know about this Cheese instant noodle recipe ^^
So what is the instant noodle brand do you prefer? or another recipe to share?

Easy recipe for Instant noodle side dish.
You can easily get the ingredient in any supermarket.

Instant noodles are really convenient but not balanced food.
Really not recommended to eat instant noodle too often.
I do eat instant noodle sometimes, but I will stop for some period and start again to taste it when I am craving for it =)

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You will have a nice day^^

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