Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Melody Mermaid

What is the melody of mermaid?

There are stories about sailors who used to mistake the Beluga Whale as Mermaid.
They heard the melody of mermaid!
And yea, sometime beluga whale really looks similar with mermaid.

But is it possible that mermaid was playing with Beluga Whale and accidentally saw by the human?

Recently a skilled Russian diver naked dives with beluga whale.
Marine experts believe that belugas whale do not like to be touched by artificial materials.
I found that beluga whales really enjoy to play with human.
Is it possible they already get used to play with other creature that looks like human? Such as Mermaid.
We might know about it one day.

Beluga Whale is really cute!

Whether the legend of Mermaid is fact or faked, most of us love the beautiful mermaid.

We can find a lot of stories related with the mermaid.

Animation version of Mermaid.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Mermaid

Disney version of Mermaid.

Hong Kong version of Mermaid.

You might be watched one of them before =)
Which one do you like most?

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