Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mouthwatering Thailand foods

(Sawadee ka with Uncle McD @ Lee Gardens Plaza)

We reached Hat Yai about 12am(Malaysia time) on the first day.
Thailand time is about 11am.
However we still found a lot of foods nearby our hotel.
Just a stone walk away from V.L. Hat Yai Hotel, we spotted here.
Not really remember its name but I like this! you will like it too if you like the taste of coconut.

 Bird's nest soup about RM12.

Free jasmine tea from the food stall :)
I am not sure everyone will get it or just us.
However people there are really friendly =)

I prefer the pork soup with kuey teow more!

 I am not really like chicken claw but chicken claw that we ate in Hat Yai is really taste good.

 Chinese herb boiled egg that I bought in the 7 Eleven.
 Taste great! I ate it directly without heat it up.
 Actually You can see a lot of stuffs that you can't buy in 7 Eleven Malaysia:)

Our breakfast on the second day morning.

And they ate fried chicken rice as lunch.
It taste really great!
You should try it too.
I don't know how to describe its location but I believe most of the fried chickens in Thailand should be taste great.

 Not bad for me. 

 Tasty prawn about RM10, mango sticky rice about and tasty mango kerabu about RM5.

 Not really spicy and taste really great (especially the mango kerabu) ^^
 You can find it in front of Lee Gardens and Central Department Store at night.
 Worth to try it!

 Ikan bakar is still ok.
 But I like ikan bakar in Malaysia more! LoL

 Taste of friend oyster omelette (Oh Chien) is different with Malaysia.
 It got bean sprout inside!
 I like friend oyster omelette of Penang more =)
 But you can try it as well:) Maybe you will love it too.

Crab meat wonton mee which you can eat nearby Central Department Store at night.
Taste not bad too.
By the way, we went for a massage just nearby there too.

 3rd day, we had our brunch at here.

It located just in front of the '59 Guang Dong Restaurant'. 
 It is too spicy for me but taste not bad.


I like this! taste like otak-otak Malaysia.

 Taste nice:)
  Spicy again!
 Spicy and yummy!
 All of us came out from there with red and sexy lips! LoL

Sushi donut @ Lee Gardens Plaza

Here is the place that I bought a lot of instant tom yam kuey teows.
Just near with custom and McD.
First time I ate sweet corn like this!
However, for me it tastes not good as normal one :)

1 tasty crab about RM18.

Our last meal in Thailand is located nearby custom and McD as well.
Taste great as well!
We really love foods in Thailand!
People there are really friendly and helpful.
We drove to there and we lost our way sometimes.
Feel thankful to strangers who show us the way^^
I will go to Thailand again definitely!

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miang bee said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

^^ yummy yummy.. if possible, next time u can try their steamboat in everywhere else.. below rm10 and totally worth for money.. sour & spicy delicacious will amaze you..

Josheen M said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sound really delicious^^
Will try it next time babe^^

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Josheen M said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates


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