Monday, October 17, 2011

Penang Trip with Bestie

It was quite rush for us on that day due to some reasons that delaying our time to start the trip on.
When we reached there was almost the time for us to dine. Then, I decided to have our dinner in Japin.
The egg looks normal at the outer.
But the taste is so so so good!
Char Siew Egg!

After that we went to Station 1.
My best friend Ah Lim =)
She is so kind, generous and lovely!
Not like other who just like to sarcastic.
She's the one that always come and find me when I back to hometown and never stop SMS me some sweet forward messages.
Every time when I feel down, looking back on her messages will make me smile =)
Ah Lim, you are the best^^ Don't care how people judge about you, you are the best you know^^
Keep do your good job, you will get what you deserve.

 Another friend that I didn't meet for a long time, Ah Ying =)
 We enjoyed our chat time and playing there =)

Honey milk, one of my preferences^^
Having a great time with them. And I hope that everyone of us is doing great in our life. Of coz, I wish the same goes to you as well =)

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