Friday, November 4, 2011


You want to have a good complexion instantly especially when you had a dull face? Or probably you need to present the best of you in front of your clients on your daily life time but maybe you're not so having time for your skincare routine? No worries! Makeup tool is always the best choice for you to show the magic of "painting". LOL 
What I mean here is not really the paint la hehe... 
All you need: blusher!!! Yea, blusher will be the main character of your makeup, if you want to pursue a good complexion. 

This time I would like to recommend the new blusher from Lancôme, which called Blush Subtil Rose
What is the special for this blusher? Let's see...

It is 10 ROSE ROSE.

It's a luminescent complexion enhancer, which containing 4 beautiful colors. 
For instantly highlights, contours and adds radiance to your cheeks. So meaning that it's not only function as usual blusher to radiant your apple cheeks. Additional, it serves as highlighter and kinda like bronzer to give you a contouring effect. 

Here I'm just using a thin layer of application coz what I want here is natural healthy glow. Maybe I'll use a few layers for my dinner/heavy makeup on another time^^
My skin tone is considered as cool colour, so 10 Rose Rose suits me well =)
With the correct colour, your skin tone will appear glowing and radiant^^

All color, effect and texture are designed and developed especially for Asian women.
More details:

With the technology:

Way of application:

4 different shades of the Blush Subtil Rose Collection:

I believe that now you are understanding more about these latest blushers from Lancôme. 
The retail price: RM120
Besides of having this trick of how to have a good complexion instantly, skincare product is vital for you to go for your long run journey as well. So, don't be lazy to skip the step of skincare! Because you want your skin to glow and beautiful~
Btw, I like the beautiful case of the blusher^^

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