Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Procrastination time

I wish I can laugh like my pic above when I was preparing for the midterm yesterday.
Now, I am still studying for the midterm tomorrow although I am really not feeling good...girl, you know the reason why.
It is procrastination time!
I am quite stressful.
Yea, I believe I still can cope with it so far...
I have to sit another midterm tomorrow ><
Either love it or fear it! 
Well, I fear it! LoL
As a student, this is my responsibility. 
 I am not only student now, so I need to put more efforts and experience more hardship than other people.
Sometime I feel there is quite a distance from me and some of my classmates.
Although we can laugh and play together when met, but I still feel the distance.
I don't know the actual reason, but I do treasure the time that I spent with them =)
Life is ain't easy, but for me it is far.
I do love modeling and so far, all the people that I met are so nice ^^

You may curious how I manage to working and studying at the same time.
Actually UTAR let us to choose our owns timetable, so I have arranged about 4 days for class and the rest of days I am totally free.Thank to my company's kindness too^^ so I able to seek balance between them:)

I am really enjoying my current life.
I am moving forward to achieve my dream now.
I believe dare to dream and work to win ^^ I always tell you guys too right =)
You can do anything you believe you can.
Yea, I am my own life coach ^^ you too!
Hope you are doing great there too =)

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