Saturday, November 5, 2011

Restoran J.J.FATT @ Lawan Kuda

I just ate my dinner here after the class =)
So tired =(
During this short semester, my Saturday class starts from 8am until 4pm on the same subject.
It had been a long time I didn't eat Lok Lok food at Kampar old town.
Erm...Not bad:)

Actually I miss the San yu wine soup and dishes I ate last night at J.J FATT @Lawan Kuda.
I found that the fish in the soup had already been fried, it tastes wonderful!
 Kung Pao Sliced San Yu ^^ 

Kung Pao Sliced San Yu and the San Yu soup total up is RM26.
The lady boss recommended these foods to us, she is really friendly =)
I guess this is the first time I eat San Yu!
Maybe I ate it before but I don't know. LoL

Jasmine tea or Xiang Pian Tea tastes good too.

Wu Xi Pork is not bad too, RM20.
But too many for 2 of us.
Actually San Yu soup and Kung Pao Sliced San Yu make us feel really full already.
So I just takeaway it.
You can click and download this pic as high resolution =)
Address and phone number can be found in this menu too.
There are more dishes actually, maybe you can go there and take a look ^^

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