Monday, December 5, 2011

Happiness Training Program

Happiness can be defined as the ratio of positive emotion to negative emotion.
By increasing the frequency of positive emotions on a daily basis can lead to more happiness.

Fordyce has created a method for teaching people how to be happier:)
Do you practice them? Let's learn together^^

1. Be more active
2. Spend more time socializing
3. Be productive at meaningful work
4. Get organized
5. Stop worrying
6. Lower your expectations and aspirations
7. Think optimistically
8. Orient yourself to the present
9. Work on a healthy personality
10. Develop an outgoing, social personality
11. Be yourself
12. Eliminate negative feelings
13. Develop and nurture close relationships because they are the number one source of happiness.
14. Value happiness -put it first in your life.

Researchers have found that happiness scores could be increased even further when people practiced a simple meditation technique.
The sixth fundamental states that people should lower their expectations and aspirations. I do agree that people should not be so perfectionistic about themselves and others. However, we should set our goal as high as possible. But don't set an unrealistically high goal ya! 
For example: Aim 'A' instead of 'pass'!

All informations are retrieved from my textbook 'An Introduction To Positive Psychology'.
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Pikachu makes me happy lol!! :D

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Tiffani said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for the tips. Sooo true and great reminders, but sometimes I wonder how to "Do" the things you listed, such as valuing and nurturing relationships more, because you're right, they make people the happiest in my opinion, over career success or financial wealth.

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