Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IDP Education open day

I went to IDP Student Services open day last week.
I got a friend who is interested in studying abroad. 
As I know, IDP Education represents almost all the Australian Universities (38 out of 39), 
all the government schools and all government vocational colleges. 
IDP Education offer overseas studies to UK, US and NZ too!

They have been helping students study overseas for 40years!

I feel it is very RELIABLE.
So I help her to gather some informations too:)

My brother studied in the UK before and told me that is it fun to meet new people, enjoy the beautiful scene and shopping there! LoL
Yea, I do agree that we can learn a lot from studying abroad.
That would be really awesome and cool to learn the strengths of all cultures.
You can expand your worldview and it provides the opportunity to TRAVEL ;) hehe
And it may enhance your employment opportunity and the value of your degree too!
You can make your life more beautiful.

How IDP can help you?
STEP 1- Counselling: Their education consultants will assess your qualifications and help you make the right decision.
STEP 2- Submitting applications to Australian Institutions
STEP 3: Accepting an offer
STEP 4: Confirming your place
STEP 5: Visa Application
STEP 6: Accomodation
STEP 7: Flight Bookings
STEP 8: Pre-Departure Services

Regards the financial Issues, they got offer scholarship opportunities too!
So all you need to do is study hard :)
You can make your dreams come true!
You may get a chance if you work hard:)

IDP is also an owner of the IELTS test, so IDP education are better choice if you want to start preparing for IELTS today.

Want to study in Australia?
Apply now to start in February 2012!

For more informations:
P/S: Better bring along your academic transcripts if you go there.

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