Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RM1000 Worth YourPCShops Cash Vouchers GIVEAWAY

For your information, I am one of the UTAR undergraduate.
We have to go out and print notes or assignment quite often. 
(You should thank to your class rep if he/she's willing to work for you^^)
When I don't have car to drive, it is really quite tiring to cycle my bicycle and then go out for printing.
Especially WHEN IT'S RAINING! Can you imagine what will happen?

You can make your own notes @home now with YourPCShops Printer Package!
YourPCShops was founded by student FOR STUDENTS!
They have printer packages ready for us to choose.
We can also customise the package to suit our needs^^
They understand what students want and need :) 

YourPCShops provide:

Printer package promotion for KTAR & UTAR students!

  Print colour lecture notes at effective cost of less than 4sen/page (2-sided) with the DoubleA paper using YourPCShops Printer Package! (Cheaper than Photostat)

  They offer unlimited times to-customer-home service warranty!

They are really different from others, they are committed to bring consumer education to public!

They spotted out the difference between advertisement and reality!

Take a look this:
They state that the black and white and colour is same cost :)

YourPCShops professional service will be focusing solely on providing home printing solutions to College and University students. 

Giveaway of the day:

Guys, you can participate in the Lucky Draw Campaign now!
YourPCShops have prepared total worth RM1000 cash vouchers (RM100 each) to be given away to 
10 most lucky person^^

Just share it and then you will receive cash voucher!
Check it out here:

How to participate?

1 Like their facebook page to receive Free RM5 Cash Voucher!

2 Like and Re-Share -> this photo (Click Here)

3 then comment there with "I want to print color lecture notes at only 4sen a page"

4 Winners will be announced at there & contacted by Personal Message (PM) after 31 March 2012

For the RM5 Cash Voucher: To Redeem, please email Name, Facebook Profile Link, contact number to after liked their page. ^.^

For any enquiries, please contact directly @YourPcShops Facebook Page


YourPCShops Address: No.1394 Tsing Hwa, Westlake, Kampar (UTAR)

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