Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to control your anger

Don't let your anger control you, it can be really scary!
If your anger is out of control, it turns destructive:(
Failure in communication is common when you are angry, you can't really listen to other.
Count to 10 to slow down yourself and think about how you feel before act.

Keep yourself calm!
Learn to relax such as deep breathing can help calm down your feelings.
You can search and learn easy relaxation technique via Google too.
Yes, I am still learning too:)

Remember, angry can't change anything! It may make you feel worse!
Change our mindset, think more positively and build humor skills.
Your life will change too:)

Change your environment to change your life!
Give yourself a vacation, free yourself from pain:)
Ignore whatever caused you to feel angry.
It's not so easy, so we need to learn^^

Be patience and solve your problem!
Alan Saporta said: "The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it!"
That's very true.

Dear, you deserve better!
Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all (Michael Masser and Linda Creed).
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