Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Talk show | GIRL in the net organized by Cite Malaysia

This is my first time giving a public talk!
I am so nervous!!!
But it was a  pretty good experience for me to overcome my fear and shyness.
Take risks and challenge myself make me feel good:)

I feel touching because I have received some supportive comments on that day too.
Thx everyone for giving me motivation to pursue my dreams^^
Thanks for coming^^
YEAH! I've done it!

Sometimes just discuss and talking things out, then all your worries and fears will go away!
I still remember I saw 2 short video clips which showed a girl throwing a tantrum.

Then I found out another video clips which showed that the girl is still in love with him.
Yeah, Luckily she called her BF!

However, why they fought in the first place? Hmm...
Then I saw these 3 videos!

It seem like the BF may have cheated on her! No wonder the girl looks so angry:(
Some blamed the boy for cheating and others say she needs anger management! >Agree<
What do you think?

Recently I find a QR code on a latest newspaper Ads!
Check it out HERE.
Finally the truth is revealed!

Yea, the boy was innocent! I am right^^LoL
So the girl really need anger management right?haha
That's true, misunderstandings could have been avoided with a simple phone call!
In my opinion, the girl should call the boy early and asked for an explanation:)
So the BF might not be so distracted and had that accident!
If you still love him, then don't avoid to pick up the call!
You might regret later:(

Humans are complicated beings and life is complicated!
These 3 misunderstandings could easily happen to you and me.
Think about it...what would you do if these happened?

After all, how much does it costs to make a call, right?
Make a call to your loved ones! Never too far away...
Time is passing too fast!
You'll probably lose someone suddenly:(

You can make a difference now!
You could use the following messages as SMS/Whatsapp/BBM messages to get people calling:
• Pick 5 random numbers from your phonebook and call them and you’ll get a surprise! Try it!
• Call your 5 loved ones 5 minutes from the time you receive this message. Pass to 5 friends & don’t break the chain!
• Give your crush a call today & u cld get good news! If you don’t, ur crush might slip away!
• Forward this to all your friends and if they give you a call after you sent the message, u’ll be friends forever!
• If you had a fight with someone recently, give that person a call after you receive this message. Ur r/ship will be better! Trust me!

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