Thursday, September 27, 2012

L'Oréal Colour Trophy 2012

It was a delighted night for me to be invited to attend to L'Oréal Colour Trophy at KLCC.
Instead of having the great dinner, I got so into the awesome show especially it was playing with that dramatic rhythm of the music. 
I felt like kind of watching a war from an ancient movie.
I saw a bunch of soldiers, warriors, and witches which had came out from the movie.
Beside that, there were angels, queens, princesses, poker face and Lady Gaga. 
The show was definitely spectacular. 
I believe that you would have the same feeling if you were there too.

 Congrats to Centro Hair Salon!
Thank you very much for making me look so good! *Love* 
Here is the effort from:
Diva Production (makeup), 
Centro Hair Salon (hairdo), 
DKNY (outfit + clutch bag),
Burberry (heels), &
Tendence (watch).

I'm so grateful to the people around me. 
Thank you...

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