Monday, December 3, 2012

Recent life

There are a lot of things to say.
Let me make it easy for you to read =)

Where was I ? 
I visited UTAR Kampar again because of ifeel@campus event. 
I feel happy to be there again, it brought up a lot of memories.
Yea, I miss Kampar! Although it is very hot.
Life still go on, don't live in the past.
Aim high! Achieve higher! We can do it =)

 #Behind the scene of the interview for Red Tomato Weekly Newspaper.
I haven't seen it yet, kindly keep it if you saw it ok? ^^
I'm really busy lately but I am enjoying my life now.
I know that I haven't settled something that I promised, give me some time =)

 It delighted my day!

Time to relax!
Pamper myself with food =)
Btw, stay tuned my instagram (ID: josheenm).
It is my mini blog!

Just a short post tonight, sweet dream my dear readers and friends =) 

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