Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hong Kong International Film Festival

After the four-and-half hours flight, I'm so exciting!
Because it is my first time to step on this land, Hong Kong.

I will be using photos to let you see where I have been.
After this, you can see every station has been snapped.

Here is the first meal that I take.
Love HK milk tea so much!
I was having them inside a tiny restaurant which is called 茶餐室 in Chinese Language.
The space at here is really limited.
I can imagine that how come the expenses are so high at here.
By the way, I seldom eat pork chop as usual.
But I have to say that the pork chop bun is yummy!

Another difference is whoever at here is walking quite fast.
 As the saying says: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."
And I'm doing so!
Some of the street snaps...

Time to shop...
What a huge shopping mall...

I like the design, it's very clear for us to see the Up and Down...

I see Sexy, what about you?^^


Everyone has a dream, what motivate you to pursue it?
Have you ever think of it?

Next station...
Octopus card 八达通 is so convenient in HK!

One of the tunnels...

Peace at Times Square!

Photo with the person that I love and the first meet =)
Fish, she is cute!

We even went up to the hill together.

I don't know what is this...

Bond, help me!

I heard this is the restaurant that Sammi Cheng got the propose

Om nom nom nom!

Surprisingly meet Ken!
Must have a snap with him as a memory^^

Like a toy car...

Curry fish ball is a must try!

Guess some of you might know this familiar restaurant...

Baby Cafe, here it is!

Avenue of Stars 星光大道

I see a ghost!



Actually this is the main goal that I come for: Hong Kong International Film Festival, HKIFF.

Outfit by Burberry
Timepiece by Bedat & CO

This night scene has been taken by me from the top of the hill, love it.
Ending up this fruitful travel with a heart
Sweet dream~

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