Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Result | April Giveaway

A sign of peace to everyone of you...
It was another happy day for me.
Just did another shoot again.
I'm so love those photos and the look.
Due to confidential, I ain't show the look first.
So, do stay tuned to Malaysia JMen magazine.

Sorry to anonymous...
As I mentioned that I will just pick those had left their name in their comment via List Randomizer.
I would like to let you all know the result of the giveaway of Topshop floral i5 case as below.
Congratulation to Shixian!
You may leave your details: name, address & phone number at comment box of this blog post.
I will not reveal your details to public.

Next is another lucky person who had voted for me to win the Levi's Curve ID Blogger Award.
This is a mystery gift as appreciation. 
The lucky one is Chui Ping Tie!
So it's the same as you need to give me your details ya.

Oh ya, if there is no response from you I may consider to choose the second person as shown from the list.
Meaning that the next person will be going to get the gifts, if Shixian or Chui Ping Tie doesn't giving me any responses.

Thanks to everyone of you!
Stay tuned & sweet dream...

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