Friday, May 10, 2013

Simple Gathering

It's been awhile I suppose to share with you about this.
I met my good friends again.
Knowing them from UTAR actually.
Thanks to Art and Craft Society which it brought us together and we had so much fun.
They are very supportive. 
Although all of us are having our own life and struggling at different jobs, we still keep in touch all the time.
I can feel the warmth when I received their text.
Miss them...

It was so crowded on the day (maybe coz of weekend).
But no worry, Antipodean's big breakfast is available on anytime.
I was surprised that the bread is nice in taste coz normally I seldom eat bread >_<

Sweet couple ever I met^^
Pei Pei (cute and funny girl) and Jeffrey (Hmm... Don't you think that he should be a male talent right)

Art at BVII

Btw, I was happy that I changed my new pair of slipper.
Gold color of the strap.
Thanks to Havaianas

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