Friday, June 14, 2013

Hello Hatyai

Hi Thailand!
My trip to Hatyai again.
The main purpose is to visit the four-faced Buddha.
Have you guys ever heard that your wish or vow will come true once you had made a wish here?
Yes, I did.
So here I come again to redeem a vow to the four-faced Buddha.

I like to take some angled photos lately.
Hope you enjoy them as below^^

Some of it may not in high resolution, it's bcoz of I used iPhone 4S to snap.

Have no idea at all about what is this kind of fruit, but the flower is pretty!

Scene from the top of the hill.

I was be able to ride a beautiful white horse at the beach.
Exciting heaps!

Do you see the golden mermaid?
It's one of the tourist spots in Hatyai.

Coconut ice-cream!
I still prefer the original flavor which is without the additional snacks. 

This is so classic and creative.
All the retro plates have been stick on the wall and creating a beautiful uniqueness.

Thailand is one of the Asian countries which is full of surprise and something for us to find out.
No matter in terms of history or resources.
I am proud to be Asian!

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@Chui Ping Tie Enjoy your trip! :D

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