Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tail-End Winged Eyeliner

Have a break~
Throwing back to someday, I was having a coffee break in a cafe.
Feeling so calm and enjoying my personal moment.
Maybe this is the best way for me to figure out that how can I do better?
So, self-reflection is needed!
Anyway, I always think that there are more to come!
Get ready to welcome any new things or challenges.

I wanna share a makeup trick with you that I create.
Tail-end winged eyeliner is inspired by my left-over pencil eyeliner.
Main thing is to only draw a wing at the end  (it's about 1/3 in proportion) of both eyes.
I think it's pretty suitable for thinner double eyelids to look bigger and longer in shape (Of coz it has to complete with mascara on your lashes).
Using brown color instead of black (in order to look soft and natural) is my preference.

So get ready to wink ya! 

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