Sunday, July 7, 2013

Emergency Makeup Remover

You might think that I'm out of my mind when you see the topic and the photo right?

But this is really what I've used when there is a trip to Johor due to a job.
Additional, we were rushing and I was unable to reach any drug stores to buy makeup remover because the shooting location was at beach resort.
Sad thing was I forgot to bring makeup remover when I was packing =(

There was a bridal makeup on my face somemore.
So it was a heavy makeup (especially the double pairs of fake lashes) *faint*

Thank God that one of the crew members had her makeup remover wipes (looks like wet tissues) along with her.

But the hard part was how am I gonna remove the eye makeup with a lot of glues on my eyelids?
Coz the makeup remover wipes ain't gonna make it.
Out of sudden, I saw my Kerastase hair serum just nicely placed aside from a bunch of my skin care products.
So I decided to give it a try.
In other words, I eventually used that hair serum to remove my heavy eye makeup.
*sound ridiculous!

The result was not bad.
It just needed more times and to be gentle when removed with cotton pads as usual.
Surprisingly, eyes never felt irritated when the oil got into my eyeball (coz I accidentally poked into).

So this is my unforgettable experience that I had.
Everytime I use the hair serum, I keep on recalling this story.
It made my day actually :D
I don't know why, coz I feel like wanna say a "thanks" to my hair serum ❤

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