Monday, July 8, 2013

Forgiveness Day

Do you know that yesterday, 7th July 2013 was the Global Forgiveness Day?

This is a day to forgive and be forgiven.
It reminds me about the Malay culture when they celebrate their Hari Raya Aidilfitri every year.
There is a must for them to do: "memohon kemaafan".
It's no doubt for me to link them together without any racial issues.

I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to set things right.
Everything needs a way to carry on, no matter how the end looks like.
So I hope everyone of us can move forward and live a wonderful life

It's been so long for me to do a bun on my head.
Perhaps, I can keep my hair longer and then do another bigger sized one lol...
Exciting to meet my friend again :D
Coz she always bring me to taste those yummy foods.
Nom nom nom...
Of coz, I'm not the only one who ate all of them.

Time has passed so speedy, everytime we met up.
However, I feel so happy to spend the whole day together with my dear.
Love ya ❤

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