Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another TVC

Around couple of months ago, I shared about having sun-burned experience due to a TVC job at Ipoh. It's because I need to ride a manual shift Vespa at noon time. Phew! What a great experience for me to learn on how to control it and shift those gears. Besides, we all were having fun inside the Volkswagen in a particular scene. 

Although there is a few seconds scene will be showing on TV commercial, but it took almost the whole day long to do all the settings at behind the scene and to shoot the every single scene in the best effect. Hmm... I guess that maybe my mom also won't even spot me if she gets to watch it on TV. 'Cause the timing is too fast for her spot me and I haven't tell her about this TVC yet. Lol... 

However, what I wanna say is TVC is awesome as usual. We can having so much fun while shooting was in the progress. Shooting TVC is faster as comparing with drama or movie. But it's different experience/story/job. And it's definitely a special color which can be added in our life. 

Remember. No matter what we all had gone through, it will stay forever in our memory (unless we forget it lol...). When thing has been passed, there is no more concern on whether it's positive or negative. 'Cause it will not bring any influences on our life, but a lesson for us to learn and improve. This is what I call it as transformation or evolution. Lol... I have idea on what I am talking right now. Maybe you found me sometimes I'm kinda talkative right? Haha...

Oh ya, I shall let you know earlier that I am one of the featured talents in this TV commercial, OLDTOWN White Coffee. So, here is the outcome which I get it from Youtube and I hope you enjoy it (^_^)

OLDTOWN White Coffee - Aroma of Good Times

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