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Today I'm going to share with you a set of skincare products I just finish of using. As I already knew that my skin type, so that these are those stuffs which is suit me more. Remember that always to make sure your skin types or problems before heading to use any products. Coz it's very depending on individual. Getting help from professional to check and know more about your skin.

Love them so much coz they work really well on me. Recently, mild type of skincare products like them are my addiction. Free of fragrance is a must. And free of alcohol is the best! Overall, these products are just awesomely mild. 

Edit the photo by using my phone's app. Hope to make it clear.
*The following details are copied & pasted together with Chinese language as well. Feel free to read them if you're interested to know more about them =)

i. Vit C Serum
Intensive daily repair water based Vitamin C that stimulates cellular renewal and increases healthy skin microcirculation.
The formula is also suitable for acne prone skin. Its strong anti-oxidants strengthen the immune system; reduce irritation and redness; accelerate clearance and recovery of active acne lesions; prevent breakouts and lighten the discolorations caused by acne.

• Potent anti-oxidants
• Treats premature aging skin
• Lighten dark spots
• Firms and tones the skin
• Reduces acne lesions
  • 强效抗氧化功能
  • 延缓肌肤老化
  • 淡化斑点
  • 紧致肌肤
  • 减少痤疮产生
Please shake the bottle before use. Apply an adequate amount onto the face, neck and upper chest. Use twice daily during day and night.

ii. Comedone Essence
The lotion is exclusively derived from organically cultivated plant extracts such as liquorice root, willow bark, seaweeds, cucumber and burdock fruits. It possesses potent anti-bacterial capabilities target on Propionibacterium acnes and suppresses hyper-secretion activity of sebaceous glands for better oil control.
Comedone Essence的成分大多来自有机栽培的植物提取物,如:甘草根、柳树皮、海藻、黄瓜、牛蒡等。具有抵抗细菌的能力、痤疮丙酸杆菌能抑制皮脂腺的过度分泌以及控油效果。当中添加的抗粉刺与去角质元素,能有效的对抗因色素沉着与脓疱所形成的暗疮,并加速痤疮的恢复与愈合。

• Softens and dissolves comedones
• Suppresses sebaceous activity
• Lightens skin discolorations
• Reduces pores and smoothens the skin
  • 软化和溶解粉刺
  • 抑制皮脂腺分泌
  • 淡化皮肤色斑
  • 减少毛孔平滑肌肤
Apply an adequate amount onto the forehead, nose, chin (T-zone) and other affected areas. Gently massage in circular motions. Use at least twice a day after cleansing.

iii. Hydra-Soothe Moisturizer
Formulated from multiple natural botanical extracts, this light cream contains opulent amount of potent anti-irritation, healing agents and moisturizing particles.
It provides instant and long lasting hydration, effective soothing, epidermal barrier protection, anti-oxidation and cellular regeneration.

• 72 hours long-lasting moisture reserve
• Calms and soothes the skin
• Reduces flakiness and itchiness.
• Improves skin texture and suppleness
  • 72小时长效保湿功能
  • 镇静和舒缓皮肤
  • 减少鱼鳞片和瘙痒
  • 改善皮肤的质感和柔软度
Apply an adequate amount onto the face and neck. Massage with light circular motions. Use twice daily during day and night.

iv. Xtreme White Cream
Quick and effective treatment derived from the most potent and innovative whitening actives.
It assures comprehensive skin brightening by inhibiting synthesis of intracellular tyrosinase and melanogenesis to reduce excessive dark spots and slow down the appearance of discolorations.
The formula is complemented with additional regenerating and conditioning functions to protect the skin against free radicals, stimulate collage production and prevent premature aging of the skin.

• Inhibit melanogenic activity
• Swift and effective brightening
• Non-irritative formula
• Anti-oxidative properties
• Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • 抑制黑色素形成
  • 快速有效去除斑点
  • 无刺激配方
  • 抗氧化功能
  • 促进胶原蛋白再生
Apply an adequate amount onto the entire face and neck followed by a thin layer over the dark spots. Use only at night.

v. Pro-Youth Sunscreen
Specialized encapsulated sunscreen dispersion ensures prolonged and consistent SPF value that offers uniform broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
具有极佳防嗮系数,能有效地保护肌肤免受紫外线UVA UVB的伤害。独特的透明质酸和植物抗皱精华,能够快速的抚平皱纹和紧致肌肤。

• Non greasy and non pore-clogging
• Anti-aging and hydrating formula
• Tinted to act as a make-up base
• Provides natural glow to the skin
• Suitable for all skin types and tones
  • 不油腻及不阻塞毛孔
  • 拥有抗衰老和保湿配方
  • 可以作为化妆前肌底
  • 提供自然光泽的肌肤
Use during daytime or as a make-up base.Apply evenly onto the face and neck.

vi. Body Perfect
An effective body contouring system that roots out stubborn cellulite and effectively tones the skin to restore a dream silhouette.
It promotes the release of free fatty acids from the adipose cells and accelerates the transport of such fatty acids to be broken down by cellular mitochondria.
It increases the elasticity of the skin, reduces unsightly cellulites and markedly diminishes post partum stretch marks.

• Breaks down stubborn fat
• Exhausts body fat reserve
• Reduces cellulite and stretch marks
• Enhances collagen synthesis
• Smoother and firmer silhouette
  • 分解顽固脂肪
  • 燃烧多余脂肪
  • 消除脂肪与妊娠纹
  • 促进胶原蛋白生长
  • 塑造完美迷人曲线
Please shake the bottle before use. Apply onto whole body or affected areas. Gently massage in circular motions. Use twice daily during day and night after shower or bath.

Facial Treatment Mask
It also features the highest concentration of active ingredients to support hydration, strengthen skin barrier, increase elasticity, restore optimal cutaneous pH and promote cellular metabolism.It is able to supply the skin a moisture reservoir and protective film that last for up to 72 hours.

• Moisturizes up to 72 hours
• Reduces irritations and redness
• Lightens discolorations
• Eliminates fine lines
• Firms and lifts the skin
  • 滋润保湿长达72小时
  • 减少刺激和发红
  • 淡化色斑
  • 消除细纹
  • 提升肌肤紧致度与弹性度
Peel off the plastic attachment. Apply the mask onto cleansed face and leave on for 20 minutes. Do not wash face after removing the mask. Use at least 3 times a week or when necessary for optimum results.


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